Ocean Literacy in Europe

Ocean Literacy in Europe is building upon, and extending and adapting work started in the United States in 2001 https://www.oceanliteracy.net

One of the first “ocean literacy” projects in Europe using the model from the USA was in Portugal called Conhecer o Oceano.   Go here for the English version.   The project in Portugal was launched in November 2011

The European Horizon 2020 initiative has provided for a number of ocean literacy initiatives in Europe that are supported by the EU Maritime Affairs Directorate and are in alignment with the statement on TransAtlantic Cooperation on Ocean Research signed in Galway in May 2013.

The four projects that began in 2015 are part of the EU Blue Growth programs are:

BG11 Columbus

BG13 ResponSEAble and

BG13  SeaChange

BG14 Atlantic Research

Another EU program with an ocean literacy component is Green Bubbles.

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Sea Change: Increasing Ocean Literacy from Sea Change Project on Vimeo.

European Science Foundation Report: Sailing through Changing Oceans: Ocean and Polar Life and Environmental Sciences on a Warming Planet, June 15, 2015.

[There are many projects called Sea Change. Here is one that is not connected to the BG13 Sea Change project in any way at all, but is an interesting project and has some similar goals, here is their website  and an interesting video ]